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Why Hire The Whole Squad
When All You Need Is One Good Brain!

Home Services




IT for your home and loved ones!
  1. Let Us Keep Your Tech Running Smoothly
    We will come to your home and eliminate viruses. Optimize your computer to keep it running fast. Set up a home network that works. Set your Microwave Clock Set your VCR clock Make sure your stereo is set up and sounding great Anything Tech you need help with....Call Us
  2. Elder Services
    We will teach you to run your computer without fear of breaking anything. Want to Email the grandkids? How about how to use Facebook? Surf the Web? We help out any way we can. We manage your applications so you can run them every-time.
  3. Disabled Services
    Do you have special software or hardware to use your computer? We can help with installation, using, and fixing it. There is never a charge for this service as long as you are able to work out a tie together.
  4. Charity Services
    If you are on a fixed income and over 65 or disabled we offer charity services. Price reduction on services or free depending if you qualify. Email us for an application.
  5. Remote Maintenance
    Your computer is getting slower! You see pop-ups telling you that your driver or antivirus is out of date. Windows wants to do updates every time you turn your computer on?
  6. What to buy?
    How about some unbiased help selecting what hardware and software you need. We never make any commision on hardware you purchase. We search the web and our contacts in the industry to find you the best price on items you decide on. We then send you an email with a link to purchase the item directly from the vendor.