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Why Hire The Whole Squad
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Affordable Geeks For Sale

After 25+ years in IT Management I came to the conclusion that all business large or small run better with a Geek.  I use Geek in the best possible way.  I am a Geek.  I love keeping up with the computer industry.  Checking out new hardware and software and see where it fits in the business world is a passion.  I love to make PC's work better for average users.  Keeping up with the latest security issues is facinating.  I don't believe every business is able or willing to hire on-site staff.  So we made HireTheBrain.com.  My son started this business at age 13 and did in home computer repair and maintaince.  He wasn't old enough to drive so I would come along and sit in the car till he was done.  From those simple roots my son went on to workig full time for the state of North Dakota as a programmer.  After I retired I wanted something to do to keep my hands in the industry.  So I am picking up the reins of HTB and once again offer in-home and on-line support and consulting.  I believe all home and business users should have access to the same quality IT support.  But at an affordable price.
Steven Driscoll
IT Management